19 October, 2010

Laura Ashley-ish

So today, I have on a manicure that I've been seeing around, first from JQ at Frippery Digits and then from Trincess at Emerald Sparkled.

It's a really pretty wallpaper/bed sheet sort of design with roses. I chose this color scheme because I've seen some Laura Ashley bed sheet covers with this sort of design and I really adore it.

I used 2 coats of Chanel's Nouvelle Vague as my base coat.

Then using the toothpick swirl technique, I created the roses using OPI Mod About You and Chapel of Love with a dotting tool. For more details head on to Frippery Digits as she linked a very helpful youtube clip demonstrating this technique.

Then I used China Glaze Refresh Mint for the leaves with a small nail art brush. Et voila!

Hope you enjoyed this mani. Thanks for reading! ❤


  1. whoa, gorgeous! I like this more than my own! I might copy this sometime =DDD amazing <3

  2. thanks Trincess!! means alot coming from you hehe. copy away! :D

  3. Love it! May try it out, maybe, too :D!

  4. Thanks for dropping a comment, Daria! :)

  5. Oh I just love pink and minty greens or Blues together. <3 Totally pretty.

    And thank you for linking to my blog! That's so cool. :) I was pretty excited to find that tutorial although I had already fumbled through my roses . I want to try it again using that technique.


  6. @Lois: Thanks!
    @JQ: You're welcome for the links. I thought you did a fantastic job on yours!

  7. What a cute mani, I think you picked a nice color to go under the roses as well :)