29 September, 2010


Hello! The last week has been madness! I had a major assignment due and the weekend just depleted all my energy to do anything at all. Well anyway, on to nail polish!

China Glaze 2nite is a pretty pale 'periwinkle' blue holo.

This was 2 coats to cover up any bald spots. I had experienced some drag, unlike for China Glaze IDK but I think their formula isn't too far apart. Perhaps it was just my application.

How it looks like near the sun. The flashes of holo isn't as obvious as say, Nfu Ohs, but it is quite pronounced when the light hits it.

This is the effect when softer light hits it, there's a slight rainbow effect. Purdeeeyyy.

And with flash. I just love me a good holo. Who doesn't?

Until next time, thanks for reading! ❤


  1. Wow, great pics! And a nice polish too :)

  2. H wow! I love these! I was just wondering if u just got these or what n where? I've been searching high n low for it but I guess it's sold out:-( I want!!! Jealous:-) www.nailgalore.my

  3. nailgalore: LOL! Thanks, I got these off ebay! You can probably find them there!!

  4. These holos make me so happy!