09 September, 2010

My Fav Red

When I read about kittytokaren's hunt for her perfect red on polishorperish, I was suddenly struck by my own predicament of not having a single red polish (without glitter, that is). Amidst all the funky colors I have, I'm surprised that I don't have a single one! Then I realized that I needed to get myself a classic red. I, thus, began my own quest for the perfect red.

I've read alot of raving reviews about OPI Big Apple Red, so I decided to give it a try. Lo and behold - I think I might have found my favorite red already (which is funny because I don't really have any others to compare it to).

Here is OPI Big Apple Red.

This is 2 coats. I'm sure that one coat of this jelly polish is all you need, but I painted 2 just out of habit. Despite being a jelly, it is actually quite opaque.

I actually painted this on my toes first when I first noticed that it was a jelly. By then, I was dying to remove my manicure and paint this on! I finally did so yesterday. So now both my finger and toenails are adorned in this polish.

I love how this polish is not too orange or too blue. It looks brighter and more orangey in the sunlight but in the shade it actually looks more blue-toned. But I must admit that it's a little more to the orange side, but that's what makes it brighter! Which I kind of love.

Moreover, it's a jelly. Now I understand the hype about jellies. It's just so... glossy! And it has this translucent quality to it that makes me want to dive in and bounce about in it! Absolutely LOVE it!

Definitely a good buy! And I think it certainly does live up to its reviews. One classic red indeed!

I'm thinking that perhaps I should get another red for comparison sake but I'm not sure which. I want a deeper red just as a contrast, so it's between Malaga Wine or Vodka and Caviar - both OPI because I'm an OPI girl. :)

Well, we'll see how that goes. For the mean time, thanks for reading! ❤


  1. This is soso hot. Cinnamon heart yumyum candyapple hot. Thanks for posting! Now I feel like I don't have a classic red either. I guess it's time to go hunting too.

    Oooh Vodka and Caviar...I am going to go look that up. :)

  2. Thanks! Yes, it's hot isn't it! I'm very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it! If you want a bright eye-catching red that is... otherwise, I think going for the deeper, blue-toned reds would be better :D