08 September, 2010

Lemon Meringue

Here is another Models Own polish and the last of the requested ones. I wouldn't be swatching the others anytime soon and they would be at random after this.

So here is Models Own Lemon Meringue!

This was 2 coats each. First coat went on streaky so I applied a second to smoothen it out. Otherwise, no problems with application.

It's a very cool-toned pastel yellow that reminds me of a banana smoothie, not so much lemon meringue. But I guess I can see where they were going with that name.

I don't normally go for yellows because I don't think it's a very appealing color. But I guess I wanted to have an option of going for a yellow when I felt like it, that's why I got 2 yellows in the latest haul.

I think I'd be wearing these pastel colors more often when my nails grow out. But in the mean time, I want to wear bolder colors! Because they look better on short nails, in my opinion. And my nails are growing out!

Photo of the label:

That's all for today folks! Thanks for reading! ❤


  1. OOooh! I love this colour! Uh OH! Something tells me I'll be frankening up a lemony yellow in the near future to satisfy my lust for this polish! Thanks much for the pics!