02 September, 2010

Blue Gem

Here is my first swatch of the recent haul! As per requested, first up, Models Own Blue Gem.

This was 2 coats, even though I could have gotten away with 1. I did another because my fourth finger wasn't even. But otherwise, it would have been perfect with 1 coat.

The formula was surprisingly good! I've never used any Models Own polishes before but it glided on very smoothly, it wasn't gloopy or too watery. The application was so good that the polish just melts together when applied.

It dries fast too. While I was painting my right hand, I accidentally bumped my left fingers on my laptop and I was horrified! But when I inspected the 'damage', behold - no dents!

This polish actually dries semi-matte but you cannot tell because I applied a top coat over it (Essie's Good to Go). So now, it just looks like a creme.

So sorry for the washed out photos, I guess it's just really sunny today! And my nails were quite dusty because I pulled up the blinds and didn't realize that dust got onto my fingers until AFTER the photos were taken...

Furthermore, I really adore this color. It's a deep indigo, and when I say indigo, I mean indigo. In certain light it's a navy blue (as below) and in others it's purple (as above).

It truly is a Blue Gem since the blue transforms into a deep violet in the light. I actually applied it last night and I kept thinking "Hmm I thought this was supposed to be a little more purple." But this morning, I looked at my fingers and went "Wow, it really IS purple!"

And my boyfriend actually objected to the name because it's more purple than blue. He said this: "If this is blue then I might as well be blind." Haha, if only he knew about the wonders of this polish.

I hope you enjoyed this post and polish. Thanks for reading! ❤


  1. Sooo pretty! I love dark blue! Can'[t wait to see all the others! Your photos are looking good too! <3JQ

  2. Awww thanks JQ! Always appreciate your comments :)

  3. I love it!

    I'm your new followers.