19 September, 2010


Zoya Charla is a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous teal packed with golden flecks. It has been described to resemble a mermaid's tail and I could not agree more.

This was 2 thick coats and it was sufficient to achieve complete opacity. Not much problems with application but I did experience a slight drag, which is why I decided to use thick coats for easier application.

The golden shimmer effect is just amazing. It's more pronounced in the bottle but it's sufficiently obvious on the nails to make it absolutely breath-taking. I couldn't stop staring at my nails!

It makes me feel as if I'm at the beach looking at the sun's rays reflecting off the blue ocean. Ahhh, paradise on my nails.

Closeup of the flecks. I love how it's not mere shimmer and not as sparse as flakies. I love the effect the densely packed golden flecks give.

Image of the bottle label:

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous colour and wonderful close ups! This looks amazing. May I ask you what "drag" is? I'm still learning my nail and polish lingo. :)

  2. JQ: It's gorgeous isn't it? I love it so much :). 'Drag' is when instead of applying onto the nail, it removes the existing polish and creates a bald spot, so to speak.

  3. I’m your new follower. Really like your blog! Maybe you could check out mine sometime: www.melaniesnailpolish.blogspot.com

  4. Melanie: Thanks for your sweet comment! I will definitely check yours out :)