13 August, 2010

Baby Pinks


I'm on a comparison kick right now, so today, I have for you 2 baby pinks: OPI Mod About You and China Glaze Something Sweet. These are 3 coats each. They are quite streaky on one coat, but opaque on the second. I just put on a third so that they'll be extra smooth.

The colors are very very similar, just that Mod About You is lighter/whiter and more stark. But in terms of hue, I think they're pretty much the same.

In the shade:

In the light:

Please forgive my very dry cuticles. I'm still new at this whole blogging thing and I've got much to learn about getting a decent photo! Lesson to learn from this: oil cuticles and moisturize hands before taking pictures.

Once again, thanks for reading! And have a great friday! ❤


  1. I will take that lesson too. I have such awful dry hands, and I need to go out this payday and get me some nice cuticle oil or creme, a decent base coat and top coat.

  2. Thanks for your comment! :) Yes, I think having decent base coat and top coats do make a difference in the manicure, as well as overall care for your nails. I'd like to know which ones you end up buying so keep me posted! :)