18 August, 2010

My Private Jet


Wow it feels like I've been gone for awhile! It's been raining practically everyday here and it's so gloomy and freezing cold that there are no opportunities for me to take nice pictures! But I guess what I've got will have to do...

Here I have OPI My Private Jet. I've read in a couple of other blogs that the original version has been discontinued and replaced with a less impressive substitute. But judging from the pictures, I'm pretty sure what I have is the original because the holo effect shows up on the bottle quite distinctly as compared to the newer versions where you can hardly see any holo effect at all.

Despite the fact that it's the original version, I feel like the holo effect is definitely more obvious on the bottle but less so on my nails, which is a shame because unlike the shaped glitters, I like holos to be blingy and brilliant on my nails.

Regardless, I still think the polish is gorgeous but it was difficult for me to capture it on my camera because there was hardly enough sunlight due to the bad weather! So I tried to get a picture with flash.

As with all holos, flash definitely brought out its full effect, but to be honest, it would not look like that most of the time. It only looks like this when it catches light. Moreover, I believe that this is nowhere near as dense as OPI Designer Series or Nfu Oh holos or even China Glaze's for that matter. But it's still a classic polish nevertheless.

So anyway, that's My Private Jet for you. I hope you liked this post. See you again soon! ❤


  1. I like this one, but not as much as OPI's MAd as a Hatter. I reallly need to get my hands on a few bottles of that. :)

  2. WOW! So lucky. Just found your blog, new follower =]

  3. @JQ: I wasn't really fond of Mad as a Hatter and I have read that the application was quite a hassle...

    @Janna: Thanks for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it :)