22 August, 2010

Nouvelle Vague I

My housemate surprised me with a bottle of Chanel Nouvelle Vague that she won for me on eBay as my (belated) birthday present. How sweet is that! We had exams on my actual birthday so she couldn't get me a present on time but I prefer it this way because it really was unexpected! I like surprises but sometimes it's quite difficult to surprise me because I'm quite a paranoid. Haha

I was so excited, I immediately removed my previous manicure just so I could put this on. Swatches coming soon. Thanks for dropping by! ❤


  1. That is a sweet colour. <3 <3

    I have fallen behind on my posts. I have so much to show; I will have to make a post tomorrow morning!

  2. thanks jq! i absolutely adore this color. hehe yes, update! i'm waiting to see! :D