23 August, 2010

Nouvelle Vague II

Just a quick post today about this limited edition polish that is sold out in all chanel stores everywhere (in my area, at least). I searched all over for it but was disappointed over and over until I gave up. But, as I've mentioned, my sweet housemate picked up on this and surprised me with one she got on eBay :D

I've heard stories about how high the bids actually go up to, for a bottle, and it's really surprising that some people were willing to get them for almost a hundred dollars.

Anyway, let's get on to some pictures!

It wasn't particularly sunny today when I took these pictures, so I had to edit the colors for a more accurate representation. Unfortunately, it washed out everything else.

This was 2 coats. Application was quite good! I had no problems whatsoever. I've read in some other blogs that there was a problem with the application, but I honestly didn't experience any.

Moreover, the wearability of this polish is great. Photos were taken after 3 days and there is hardly any noticeable tip wear!

The above picture was taken under more direct light and is actually what it looks like most of the time. The picture below was taken in the shade and it seems more like China Glaze For Audrey.

Here's a picture comparison with a Tiffany Box. The box is clearly brighter and lighter than the polish but I think it's pretty damn similar!

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! ❤


  1. It's Very pretty. Really?? 100$?? Good grief I wish I had that kind of fat cash laying around! But honestly even if I did I'd probably buy a bunch of nice polishes instead of just one! *LOL* Your roommate is the bomb for having found it for you!

  2. JQ: yes really! almost $100! it's quite absurd! haha yeah i'd definitely get a bunch as well.