15 August, 2010


You won't believe how silly I am.

I was preparing to paint my nails for PHD's latest challenge but I decided the 'shape' is quite wonky because it isn't really square and not quite squoval. I filed it down but I was still dissatisfied until finally, I had no more tips left. =/ As such, I don't think I could participate in that challenge, which is quite a shame because I was so excited! *sigh*

So, I suppose I shall be posting less until they grow out. When I do post, please excuse my super short nails :(

I keep telling myself that the vitamins I'm taking will accelerate the growth and that they'll grow out in no time! But I really hope they do.

Anyway, thanks for reading! ❤


  1. Ohnoes! :(

    I was thinking it would be nice to try squaring off my nails but they are oval now so if I did file them down I'd be in the same boat!

    Hope they grow back fast! You can still paint them pretty even though they're nubbies!

  2. Haha, thanks JQ! I really appreciate your sweet comment. :) and yes, I will still paint them!

    Btw congratulations on your first PHD challenge! I thought you did a great job.