05 August, 2010


Hello and welcome to my nail polish obsession.

My name is Grace. I chose the title 'Glaze Craze' because it rhymes with my name. It took me awhile to find an appropriate title because there are so many nail polish blogs already out there that all the other titles are taken!

I use my obsession as a relief from my studies as I'm a final year law student. I'm currently located in Melbourne, Australia, which (unfortunately) makes it quite difficult to get my hands on certain nail polish brands. But I manage to, somehow! Because obsession is the best sort of motivation. ;)

So let's kick off my first post with one of my favorite polishes. Here is China Glaze's IDK from their OMG collection.

It's a lilac-ish light purple holographic polish (when I say 'light' I mean when compared to LOL from the same collection). This is 3 coats. I could have gotten away with 2 but I like to paint more coats if it doesn't get too thick.

This is my very first holo and I love it! Application was fantastic: it glided on smoothly and dries pretty quickly. I had no problem with application (ie. dragging and pulling) because there were no bald spots for me to cover up.

Just look at that holo goodness. It's so distracting that I stopped studying to take pictures of it. =P

Well, that's it for my first post. Thanks for reading! ❤